Welcome to Making Connections

This website is sponsored by a grant from the Association for Psychological Science (APS) Fund for Teaching and Public Understanding of Psychological Science.


Teachers of psychology have long recognized that infusing social issues throughout the undergraduate psychology curriculum promotes critical thinking and student interest. It may also encourage increased civic involvement as well as sensitivity to and respect for the experiences of others that differ markedly from the students’ own. The purpose of this website is to provide teachers of psychology with resources to assist them, both pedagogically and conceptually, in making connections between current social issues and specific topics across the psychology curriculum.


Making Connections provides….

  • Summaries of research findings from recent peer-reviewed psychological journals that are searchable by social issue as well as psychological construct
  • Suggestions for videos, podcasts, and other multimedia resources that may be used to illustrate or expand on specific social issues
  • Pedagogy-focused resources on relevant classroom activities and teaching strategies
  • Links to professional organizations and scholarly web resources with information on social issues