Resources: Technology

Center for the Study of Women, Science, and Technology

“The Georgia Tech Center for the Study of Women, Science, and Technology links issues in the study of science and technology with those of gender, culture, and society.” This site includes a large collection of Internet links including those providing information on issues of gender equity in science education and careers.

Society for the Social Study of Science (4S)

“The Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) is a nonprofit, professional association… The main purpose of 4S is to bring together those interested in understanding science, technology, and medicine, including the way they develop and interact with their social contexts.” This site provides a variety of scholarly resources, including syllabi for courses on science, technology, and society.

Stanford University Virtual Human Interaction Lab

Statement: “The mission of the Virtual Human Interaction Lab is to understand the dynamics and implications of interactions among people in immersive virtual reality simulations (VR), and other forms of human digital representations in media, communication systems, and games…the majority of our work is centered on using empirical, behavioral science methodologies to explore people as they interact in these digital worlds.”