Teaching Resources: Assignments and Activities

Active Learning for the College Classroom

Donald R. Paulson and Jennifer L. Faust of California State University, L.A. describe a large number of techniques for active learning in the college classroom.

A Social Dilemma: Individual Gain or Common Good?

Carol Dean’s adaptation of this classroom activity demonstrates the concept of social dilemma and encourages students to apply this model to real-life situations, such as water conservation.

Exploring the State of Poverty: A Classroom Experience

In this article, Diane K. Klemme and Judy I. Rommel of University of Wisconsin-Stout describe the ROWEL poverty simulation. “Students majoring in Family and Consumer Sciences and Education and Human Development and Family Studies were able to simulate life in a single parent family. A pre-post attitudes questionnaire and reflection papers were used to evaluate the value of the experience.”

Intersectional and Privilege Pedagogies

Kim Case’s webpage supports intersectional and privilege pedagogies with a wealth of resources including curricula, videos, and student projects. She also maintains a Facebook feed updated daily to provide news, stories, policy updates, and research relevant to teaching and learning about diversity, social justice, oppression, privilege, and intersectionality in the classroom.

Life Happens: A Work, Class & Access to Resources Exercise

Tracy Ore’s newly revised exercise aids participants in understanding the impact of socioeconomic status on an individual’s life chances. The format can be varied for time periods from one hour to an entire semester.

Social Psychology Network (SPN)

The Social Psychology Network (SPN) teaching resources page provides links to a large number of activities and assignments, many of which deal with social issues. Projects that were winners of the SPN Action Teaching Award are also available at this site.

Understanding Prejudice

Understanding Prejudice provides exercises and demonstrations on prejudice and discrimination.