Animal Welfare

Talking to Children about Meat Production

Noting evidence of increased interest in animal welfare and decreased levels of agricultural literacy, Bray and colleagues (2016) investigated how parents talk to children about the sources of the meat they consume. This study was conducted in Australia, which has one of the highest rates of meat consumption in the world. Among other research questions, [...]

The Denial of Mind to Animals Used for Human Consumption

Bastian and colleagues (2012) identified a form of cognitive dissonance they termed the “meat paradox” in which people’s concern for animal welfare conflicts with their meat-eating behavior. They proposed that individuals reconcile this conflict by mentally separating meat from animals and by denying that animals possess the mental qualities (such as the capacity for fear [...]

Human Rights, Animal Wrongs?

Controversy surrounding the use of animals in research has increasingly affected psychologists and the field of psychology. Knight, Bard, Vrij, and Brandon (2010) conducted a series of studies to better understand the beliefs that underlie attitudes about animal use.  The authors questioned laypersons recruited from public places in Portsmouth, U.K. about the acceptability of types [...]