Effects of Hearing Status on Loneliness and Depression in Older Adults

Hearing loss, one of the most common chronic conditions in older adults, has been associated with a variety of social and emotional difficulties. These include anxiety, perceived loss of control, mood changes, feelings of frustration, and low self-worth. Previous research investigating the association between hearing loss and loneliness and depression have produced inconsistent results. Pronk [...]

Childhood Violence Exposure and Disability

Disability and childhood exposure to violence are interconnected.  Children with disabilities are more likely than nondisabled children to experience violence.  Those with behavioral disorders and language impairments experience the highest rates of abuse.  In addition, children who experience violence are more likely to become disabled. For example, up to one quarter of childhood brain injuries [...]

Disability and Psychotherapy Practice

In recent years there has been an increased focus on multicultural counseling and situations in which counselors or psychotherapists may lack the cultural competencies necessary to work with diverse clients.  Yet, there has been relatively little attention given to the experiences and concerns of people with disabilities (PWDs).  This is so despite the fact that [...]