Emotions, Stress, and Health

Ironic Effects of Dietary Supplementation

One might expect that the increased availability of dietary supplements would result in improvements in public health. Chiou, Yang, and Wan (2011) suggested that the opposite might occur. They hypothesized that taking a dietary supplement might increase one’s sense of invulnerability and thus lead to taking greater health risks. Eighty-two Taiwanese participants were asked to [...]

Income Inequality and Happiness

Over the past few decades, the level of income inequality between social classes in the United States has grown significantly. Although previous psychological research has investigated the relationship between income and happiness, there has been little attention to the relationship between income inequality and happiness. Oishi, Kesebir, and Diener (2011) hypothesized that psychological factors (perceptions [...]

Loosening the Link between Childhood Poverty and Adolescent Smoking and Obesity

Poverty is often associated with elevated health risks, such as a higher body mass index (BMI) and increased smoking behavior. Evans and Kutcher (2011) hypothesized that the negative effects of poverty on adolescent health may be reduced by sufficient social capital. In this study, social capital was defined as (1) Community cohesion — social ties [...]