Employment and the Workplace

Perceptions of Job Applicants Wearing Hijab

This study, conducted in Norway, was aimed at separating the effects of religion and traditional dress in attitudes toward immigrant women. Strabac and colleagues (2016) administered a survey in which participants were given a photo and description of a hypothetical immigrant from Lebanon, which varied on three dimensions: (1) religion — either “Maronite-Christian” or “Alawi-Muslim” [...]

Why Are So Few Women Attracted to STEM Careers?

Women are entering such male-dominated fields as law, medicine, and business in record numbers. Yet the gender imbalance in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers has been slow to change. Diekman and colleagues (2011) proposed that the answer lies in women’s communal goals and beliefs about how to achieve those goals. The authors cited [...]

Queen-Bee Policewomen

Derks, Van Laar, Ellemers, and de Groot (2011) investigated the behavior of “queen-bees.” This term refers to successful women in male dominated workplaces who distance themselves from, and are not supportive of, other female employees. Although queen-bee behavior has been viewed as contributing to discrimination against women in the workplace, the authors hypothesized that instead [...]

Bridge Employment and Retirees’ Health

As populations age in many countries throughout the world, researchers are seeking to identify strategies for maintaining good health in older adults. Studies investigating predictors of health during retirement have found better health outcomes for those who have higher socioeconomic status, greater social support, and involvement in postcareer activities. Yet, little is known about the [...]

Effects of Manifest Ethnic Identification on Discrimination

Laboratory studies conducted with fictitious targets have found higher levels of discrimination toward individuals who show signs of strong identification with an ethnic group. Barron, Hebl, and King (2011) tested these findings using a field study with actual interpersonal interactions.  The hypothesized that in a real world employment situation, employers would be concerned about impression [...]

Being a Numerical Minority in a Male-Dominated Profession

How have the small, but growing, number of women in math and engineering coped with the social identity threat that accompanies minority status? Richman, vanDellen, and Wood investigated factors associated with women’s resilience in male-dominated academic environments. The authors hypothesized that female engineers would be less sensitive to social identity threat than women in disciplines [...]