Human Rights

Native Land Reclamation: Predicting Motivation to Participate in Collective Action

In order to predict whether individuals will join in collective action, most psychological studies turn to social identity theory. According to this approach, people are more likely to join in collective action if they have a strong collective identity, particularly if their group is perceived as threatened in some way. Giguère, Lalonde, and Jonsson (2012) [...]

Racism in the Electronic Age: Online Forum Comments on Native-Themed Mascots

According to Steinfeldt (2010) and colleagues, as public expression of racism has become less socially acceptable, online forums have become an alternative venue for voicing racist sentiments. The authors focused this study on a content analysis of comments in a forum dealing with Native-themed sports mascots. This particular forum originated in response to a series [...]

College Students’ Social Justice Interest

Social justice researchers have investigated the factors that result in disparities as well as strategies to facilitate equal access to rights and resources.  Few studies have explored factors associated with the development of attitudes about social justice advocacy.  Miller, Sendrowitz, Connacher, Blanco, Muñiz de la Peña, Bernardi, and Morere (2009) investigated interest in, and commitment [...]