Your Brain on Violent Video Games

As video games become increasingly violent and realistic, researchers have sought to determine whether – and how—they may affect aggressive behavior. Engelhardt and colleagues tested desensitization theory, which states that repeated exposure to violent images results in a decrease, or habituation, of emotional, cognitive, and physiological responses to violence. The authors measured previous video game [...]

Adolescents Living the 24/7 Lifestyle

Calamaro, Mason, and Ratcliffe (2009) investigated the association between technology use, caffeine intake, and sleep behaviors in adolescents. The authors noted that sleep duration has decreased markedly for adolescents over the past 40 years and that insufficient sleep in that age group has been linked to a variety of psychological and physical health problems, ranging [...]

“Global Warming” vs. “Climate Change”

Does the public react to the terms “global warming” and “climate change” differently? Political strategists have suggested that “climate change” is perceived as less threatening than “global warming.” In a survey of Americans and Europeans from 25 European Union countries, Villar and Krosnick (2011) asked participants to rate the seriousness of either “global warming” or [...]

Denying Humanness to Others

Previous research has repeatedly supported a connection between playing violent video games and aggressive behavior. Greitemeyer and McLatchie (2011) proposed that the mechanism linking video games and aggression might be dehumanization. In the first of two experiments, students were randomly assigned to one of three conditions in which they played a violent, neutral, or prosocial [...]

Do Babies Learn from Baby Media?

In America alone, parents of infants spend hundreds of millions of dollars on baby media with the expectation that it will increase the vocabulary of their young children. The question of whether babies actually learn from these DVDs and videos is of interest to many psychologists. DeLoache, Chiong, Sherman, Islam, Vanderborght, Troseth, Strouse, and O’Doherty [...]