Personality and the Self

“Green” Personality Traits Predict Environmentally Friendly Behavior

Research on predictors of environmentally friendly behavior has tended to focus on attitudes, values, and norms. This study investigated the role of basic personality traits in predicting a component of environmentalism: actions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions (e.g., using public transportation, composting, reducing meat consumption). Brick and Lewis (2016) predicted that environmental attitudes would mediate [...]

Cultural Socialization in Transracial Adoption

Growing numbers of adoptions have been transracial and international. In previous research on transracial adoption, the use of cultural socialization practices was found to be positively correlated with children’s adjustment, sense of belongingness with parents, self-esteem, racial/ethnic identity development, and ability to cope with discrimination.  These practices may range from those that involve little contact [...]

What “No Child Left Behind” Leaves Behind

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2002 requires each state in the United States to administer an achievement test every year in order to receive funding for K-12 public schools.  These tests are the primary means of determining whether a school has improved student performance and are intended to be an objective measure which [...]

Mindfulness Predicts Less Texting While Driving

Large numbers of young adults text while driving. Feldman, Greeson, Renna, and Robbins-Monteith conducted research aimed at identifying individual differences that might predict this dangerous, and often illegal, behavior. These authors hypothesized that texting-while-driving might be inversely correlated with mindfulness, a tendency to intentionally attend to present moment internal and external experiences. They reviewed previous [...]