Prejudice and Intergroup Relations

Coping and Sexual Harassment

Scarduzio, Sheff, and Smith (2017) conducted in-depth interviews with 24 women and 2 men who had experienced sexual harassment to identify common coping strategies. These authors note that 43% of college students have experienced online sexual harassment and that this can lead to serious emotional and health problems. Their work was based on Lazarus and [...]

Perceptions of Job Applicants Wearing Hijab

This study, conducted in Norway, was aimed at separating the effects of religion and traditional dress in attitudes toward immigrant women. Strabac and colleagues (2016) administered a survey in which participants were given a photo and description of a hypothetical immigrant from Lebanon, which varied on three dimensions: (1) religion — either “Maronite-Christian” or “Alawi-Muslim” [...]

Racial Profiling May Increase Transgressions by Whites

There is much evidence of racial profiling in the United States, targeting African Americans and Latino/as in particular. According to Hackney and Glaser (2013, p.1), racial profiling occurs when members of specific groups are “subjected to stops and searches by police at rates disproportionate to their representation in the population and their rates of offending.” [...]

Racial Bias in the Decision to Shoot

As compared with White criminal suspects, Black suspects are overrepresented among those shot and killed by police officers. Record keeping methods make it difficult to assess these rates for Asians and Latino/as, groups are expected to increase significantly in the U. S. population in the coming decades. According to Sadler and colleagues, many factors may [...]

Racism in the Electronic Age: Online Forum Comments on Native-Themed Mascots

According to Steinfeldt (2010) and colleagues, as public expression of racism has become less socially acceptable, online forums have become an alternative venue for voicing racist sentiments. The authors focused this study on a content analysis of comments in a forum dealing with Native-themed sports mascots. This particular forum originated in response to a series [...]

Stereotype Threat in Criminal Investigations

Research on racial disparities in law enforcement indicates that African Americans are disproportionately targeted as suspects, interrogated, and wrongfully convicted. Evidence also suggests that people of color are more likely than Whites to have falsely confessed to crimes. Najdowski (2011) reviewed literature related to the potential role of stereotype threat in these false confessions. In [...]

Children of Lesbian and Gay Parents

Legal and policy debates concerning adoption, foster care, and custody by lesbian and gay parents have focused on three primary areas of concern about child development. These include the development of gender identity (the individual’s sense of being female or male), the development of gender roles (behavior that conforms to norms about how women and [...]

Queen-Bee Policewomen

Derks, Van Laar, Ellemers, and de Groot (2011) investigated the behavior of “queen-bees.” This term refers to successful women in male dominated workplaces who distance themselves from, and are not supportive of, other female employees. Although queen-bee behavior has been viewed as contributing to discrimination against women in the workplace, the authors hypothesized that instead [...]

Cultural Socialization in Transracial Adoption

Growing numbers of adoptions have been transracial and international. In previous research on transracial adoption, the use of cultural socialization practices was found to be positively correlated with children’s adjustment, sense of belongingness with parents, self-esteem, racial/ethnic identity development, and ability to cope with discrimination.  These practices may range from those that involve little contact [...]

Perceived Racism and Mental Health Among Black Americans

To investigate the relationship between perceived racism and well-being, Pieterse, Todd, Neville, and Carter (2012) conducted a meta-analysis of 66 peer-reviewed studies published between 1996 and 2011 that involved a total of 18,140 Black American adults. Individuals who reported more exposure to racism and who appraised these incidents as more stressful were more likely to [...]