Sensation and Perception

Racial Bias in the Decision to Shoot

As compared with White criminal suspects, Black suspects are overrepresented among those shot and killed by police officers. Record keeping methods make it difficult to assess these rates for Asians and Latino/as, groups are expected to increase significantly in the U. S. population in the coming decades. According to Sadler and colleagues, many factors may [...]

Effects of Hearing Status on Loneliness and Depression in Older Adults

Hearing loss, one of the most common chronic conditions in older adults, has been associated with a variety of social and emotional difficulties. These include anxiety, perceived loss of control, mood changes, feelings of frustration, and low self-worth. Previous research investigating the association between hearing loss and loneliness and depression have produced inconsistent results. Pronk [...]

Selective Attention in Older Drivers

As the percentage of elderly drivers increases, there is growing concern about the safety of these drivers. Studies show that drivers over 70 are more likely than younger drivers to be involved in right-of-way crashes at intersections. This finding has been attributed to diminished physical abilities (such as difficulty turning one’s head), as well as [...]