Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Children of Lesbian and Gay Parents

Legal and policy debates concerning adoption, foster care, and custody by lesbian and gay parents have focused on three primary areas of concern about child development. These include the development of gender identity (the individual’s sense of being female or male), the development of gender roles (behavior that conforms to norms about how women and [...]

Prejudiced Behavior Toward Lesbians and Gay Men: A Field Experiment

Psychological studies based on self-report have generally shown that men express higher levels of sexual prejudice than women.  Hendren and Blank conducted a field study in order to determine whether these expressed attitudes would correspond with actual behaviors.  Confederates approached 240 individuals at the parking lot of a shopping center in Southern England and asked [...]

Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Victimization in the Military

According to Burks (2011), the provisions of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) have made it challenging to study its effects. DADT (December 1993 – September 2011) barred openly lesbian, gay, or bisexual individuals from military service while at the same time requiring that military officials not initiate investigations of a servicemember’s sexual orientation without sufficient [...]